Data Input and Maintenance

Data Input and Maintenance

Do you have a huge pile of business cards, valuable Linkedin contacts and a disorganised mass of email and phone contacts?  Somewhere in that chaos lie your most valuable business connections, and future clients.  AdminAnywhere just loves the challenge of getting all that data inputted and organised.  This is often a one-off job to get a business owner back on track, but I also assist with ongoing support to maintain a tidy system, and add additional records that clients continue to gather as their business grows. 

NOTE: all work with contact data must now comply with the GDPR Data Protection Act 2018.

AdminAnywhere is registered with ICO.


  • Inputting business card data into a spreadsheet ready for uploading into your CRM or mailing systems like Mailchimp.
  • Gathering together all your business contacts: Linkedin, business cards, email, phone; and those notepad scribblings and sticky notes messages too.
  • Merging and cleansing contact data, removing duplicates and junk.
  • Making lists to meet clients' business needs.
  • Setting up CRM, customising settings to fit your business.