How much does it cost?


Hiring a VA is one of the most cost effective expenses you will incur in your business. 

Running a business is stressful.  There comes a time when you can't do it all yourself, no matter how many hours you're putting in.  You deserve some free time too!

How much of your valuable time is spent catching up with the business admin, or procrastinating about how much you have or need to do! 

Focus that valuable time on your customers and growing your income streams into the business instead.

It's time to ask youself "What do I need help with?".

AdminAnywhere support is tailored to suit each and every client and their business.  Whether it's a one off task or a regular on-going arrangement.  I have the skills and experience and I love doing the admin!

Business admin support from AdminAnywhere is charged at a competitive hourly rate. You're only charged for the time it takes to complete your tasks at a rate that values the skills, knowledge, and experience I have gained in this profession. 

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No extra staffing or equipment costs to factor in.

  • No recruitment and advertising costs
  • No tax, NI or pension
  • No holiday pay
  • No sick pay
  • No extra office equipment and furniture
  • No employee insurance
  • You pay for 100% productivity and not for the down time - or the tea breaks!

The majority of the work can usually be done remotely and returned to you by email or via cloud based file transfer and storage services, eg Dropbox.  Occasionally additional costs may be incurred, eg travel, phone calls, stationery and postage; which will be charged back to the client at cost.

Time is monitored and recorded and charged to the nearest £.

I don't generally work on fixed retainer arrangements as I found they rarely worked efficiently. However clients often like to work to a budget incorporating an baseline number of hours each month. Allowing for the negotiation of additional hours should the need arise.

Still unsure?  Read my recent article about the myth that VAs are expensive.


  • Invoices are sent out by email on the last day of the month (or fortnight if prefered) for on-going and long term jobs; or on completion of a short one-off task.
  • A time sheet is included with your invoice.
  • Payment must be made by bank transfer. Payment via cheque or PayPal is also available, however additional charges will be recharged to the client.
  • Cash is also accepted by prior arrangement, to be handed directly from the client in a safe meeting environment.
  • Payment is strictly 7 days from date of invoice; late payment will incur a surcharge of £10 following non-payment after 21 days of the invoice date.