Holiday Email Minding Service

(News Update: 30/06/2017 - Updated 29/03/18)

The holiday season is approaching; do you want to be mithered with your business emails again while your away this year?

Holiday with laptop

I suspect most of us will appreciate that there's rarely a standard 9-5 day when you run a business; especially when you run it on your own.

But what about when you go on holiday?

Do you spend your holiday regularly checking your email or do you set the 'Out of Office' auto responder and dread switching the PC back on when you return?

Either way, it's very difficult to relax during that time away from the business. Your business is very important and so it should be, you've invested so much into getting it to this stage. In fact, you deserve a holiday for all the graft you've put in, and I'm sure your family / friends will appreciate you spending this quality time with them and not your emails.

Why risk losing the potential new customer with such a cold automated response? Remember also that your 'Out of Office' message will reply to every email that you receive; that's anybody sending a real enquiry and the spammers too.


holiday relaxing

AdminAnywhere is now offering the perfect holiday support package: our Email Minding Service

Let me keep an eye on that email for you.

  • I will check into your email account at least twice per day.
  • I will filter out the important from the junk.
  • I will highlight the urgent (and contact you directly if you wish)
  • I will respond to any potential new business enquiries with courteous replies tailored to fit the enquirer's request.
  • I will send them your brochure, price list or catalogue; depending on the enquiry, so that they can learn more about your service while they await your return.
  • I will filter out and delete all the spam
  • I will organise your emails into folders, e.g. enquiries, personal, general information e.g. newsletters, and anything else that needs separating out, to prioritise and organise them ready for action when you return from your holiday.
  • Additionally, if required, I can also handle your diary and schedule some appointments for those first few of weeks after you return, too.

There may be something specific to your business that I would need to look out for too. All this would be discussed with you during a free meeting prior to your holiday. When I can find out about your business and make all the necessary arrangements for your holiday cover.

All this from £24 per week* allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday, safe in the knowledge that your business is in safe hands and organised ready for you to retake the helm when you return.

*Minimum charge. The actual cost will be calculated according to the overall time accrued; which depends on quantity of emails and work involved. Time will be monitored and charged accordingly at the rate of £24 per hour. The cost is fixed at £24 for any time accrued under 1 hour.

I don't generally offer a telephone answering service but we can discuss options specific to your needs if required.

Please read my Case Study about how this service was applied when I looked after a local photographer last year.