Are you packing too much into the jar or just shovelling stones?

(News Update: 06/03/2018)


You've probably come across the analogy for time management about putting a variety of stones and grit into a jar.

The principle is that you have a pile of different sizes of stones, pebbles and grit and you're asked how you fit them all into a jar, to represent the analogy of fitting everything you need to do into the time you have to do it. It’s all about organisation and the need to get on with the big jobs (larger stones) before all the little things (grit) take up all the room. Just like all the tasks that need to be done in a business day, (week, month, etc).

This is great, however it also contradicts another principle I have come across: "Before you can move a mountain you need to start by shovelling stones"

Put these 2 together though and it's a great way of highlighting the need for businesses to utilise the services of a VA and other outsourced services.

So here’s my merged view point.

I have always worked on the principle of getting the small jobs out of the way before they piled up into one huge job that loomed down on you; as in the second principle of shifting the pebbles before moving the mountain. Although, some days, I have to admit that this does leave little time to venture onto the jobs that were already big.

In business, especially if you’re a solo entrepreneur or micro business; it is ever more difficult to fit everything you need to do in the time you have, even with the best time management and organisational skills. And quite frankly with the best will in the world how many people can really be that organised all the time. Therefore, the jar increasingly needs to be bigger and bigger still, as you work longer hours and weekends to keep up.

So there comes a time when you just have to get an extra jar; i.e. employ some help. However, that jar doesn’t have to sit on the same shelf as yours, and you don’t have to buy it either. You can rent it out by the hour and on a flexible basis too. I.e: you can outsource the work to a freelancer or Virtual Assistant.

You don’t have to handle everything yourself!

AdminAnywhere can handle lots of those little jobs (i.e. the grit and pebbles) so that you can concentrate on the business (i.e. those bigger stones). There’s no formal employment commitment nor are there any employer on-costs to factor in and you don’t need to provide office space either, as I can work remotely from my office location.

AdminAnywhere can handle the admin in that grit and small pebble pile before it grows into a mountain, and save you all the hassle of trying to fit everything into the jar. I can research, do the typing, update that contact list, create that newsletter, and handle the correspondence / communication...

...In fact I can organise and handle the majority of whatever the office backlog is, so you can focus on the bigger scenic picture i.e. the running and growing of your business.

Want to know more?

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