Holiday Email Minding Service

(News Update: 30/06/2017)

I suspect most of us will appreciate that there's rarely a standard 9-5 day when you run a business; especially when you run it on your own.

But what about when you go on holiday?

Holiday with laptop


Do you spend your holiday regularly checking your email or do you set the 'Out of Office' auto responder and dread switching the PC back on when you return?

Either way, it's very difficult to relax during that time away from the business. Your business is very important and so it should be, you've invested so much into getting it to this stage. In fact, you deserve a holiday for all the graft you've put in, and I'm sure your family / friends will appreciate you spending this quality time with them and not your emails.

Why risk losing the potential new customer with such a cold automated response? Remember also that your 'Out of Office' message will reply to every email that you receive; that's anybody sending a real enquiry and the spammers too.



holiday relaxing

AdminAnywhere is now offering the perfect holiday support package: our Email Minding Service

Let me keep an eye on that email for you.

  • I will check into your email account at least twice per day.
  • I will filter out the important from the junk.
  • I will highlight the urgent (and contact you directly if you wish)
  • I will respond to any potential new business enquiries with courteous replies tailored to fit the enquirer's request.
  • I will send them your brochure, price list or catalogue; depending on the enquiry, so that they can learn more about your service while they await your return.
  • I will filter out and delete all the spam
  • I will organise your emails into folders, e.g. enquiries, personal, general information e.g. newsletters, and anything else that needs separating out, to prioritise and organise them ready for action when you return from your holiday.
  • Additionally, if required, I can also handle your diary and schedule some appointments for those first few of weeks after you return, too.

There may be something specific to your business that I would need to look out for too. All this would be discussed with you during a free meeting prior to your holiday. When I can find out about your business and make all the necessary arrangements for your holiday cover.

All this from £24 per week* allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday, safe in the knowledge that your business is in safe hands and organised ready for you to retake the helm when you return.

*Minimum charge. Time spend depends on quantity of emails and work involved. Time will be monitored and charged accordingly at the rate of £24 per hour

I don't generally offer a telephone answering service but we can discuss options specific to your needs if required.


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Update 08.05.2017: The Best VA Service in Bolton

I'm proud to announce that AdminAnywhere is now recognised as one of Bolton's best businesses with a feature on The Best of Bolton's website.

 Bob Proud PinkI have known and networked with the Best of Bolton for quite a while. I really enjoy their events and the whole ethos of how they support and promote local businesses. I exhibited at their Big Bolton Business Expo last summer, I really enjoyed that event, but wanted to be more involved and be a proper part of this fantastic network and this huge Bolton business family.  So I formally joined the team a couple of months ago.

My membership coincided with this year's expo, so one again I recently took up a stand at the Big Bolton Expo alongside many other local businesses, proudly being able to promote AdminAnywhere and being a Bolton business too.  It was a fantastic event with over 85 exhibitors and hundreds of visitors, on 28th March 2017.

So here we are with a great feature on The Best of Bolton website... just click this link and have a read.  I've posted a couple of blogs on there already and there are a handful of reviews (more to add in due course).


 BestofBolton Expo Mar17


Here's my AdminAnywhere stand at the Big Bolton Expo on 28 March 2017


I know in general being a VA means I can help with the Admin for any business Anywhere in the UK, however if you're local I can also support on-site with those admin tasks that you just need to be there to handle, as well being available for those face to face meetings and to catch up with a brew.





Update 21/02/2017  What's been going on at AdminAnywhere?

2017 got off to a very busy start for AdminAnywhere: continued support with my regular clients, extra committments, new prospects and a welcome return.

29/08/2016:  Farewell Old Website. It's been great, but time to move on.... 

OldAdminAnywhereWebsitePicI set up AdminAnywhere in 2012 with a very limited budget, so I created the original AdminAnywhere website myself with the software available with the web hosting package. Being fortunate to have an IT specialist on hand (my partner) to handle the background technical stuff.

It was great as a first attempt, but the software wasn't that easy to use, so I've spent quite a while with it, while I've been planning the upgrade. Having recently discovered that the software is no longer accessible I've not been able to update what I had. And with so much being out of date, I was at risk of giving a negatve image to the business.

So here is the latest model, made with Joomla. That's been a huge learning curve! And yes, I know, I've still got a long way to go; to improve the layout and add some better features to the template. So watch this space for a website that will evolve along with my business.