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This summer (2017) I launched a new service called: Holiday Email Minding. I noticed how many people go away on holiday and either take the business with them or return to a hefty inbox. We all know that with smart phones and tablets there's no 9-5 but if you're having a holiday, then have a holiday! 

And what is it about 'Out of Office' autoresponders?  Don't you just hate them? Do they really inspire you to re-contact after the return date or would you automatically go somewhere else? 

Anyway, I digress....

The Task

Ania is a very talented photographer (she took my current profile photos), she had planned a long summer family vacation so asked me to look after her emails and enquiries while she was away.  I was given access to her emails via her webmail, so I checked the inbox 2-3 times each day and responded to enquiries, sending out her price lists and information sheets, and informed the people who did need to know that she was away on holiday appropriately according to their email. I also liased with the enquirers and booked several appointments into the diary for her return. Some enquiries needed a little input from Ania, and a quick text message was all that was needed, and caused very little interuption on Ania's holiday.

I also deleted a huge amount of spam: there was a huge onslaught of malware type spam which would have overloaded her inbox, as well as all those offers for SEO and design services that we all get.  She was able to have a perfect family holiday without the worry about the business or losing potential customers. And also had a less daunting first day back at work.

Ongoing Support

See you next holiday time Ania  :)


"Julia has been looking after my emails and other administrative needs of my busy photography studio during the holidays time. I am so pleased with all her help and would highly recommend her to anyone in the need of office support. Having Julia gave me the extra peace of mind knowing that all enquiries were dealt with in an efficient and professional manner. I could also rest assured and that I was contacted immediately in case of an important assignment or an emergency without the hassle of having to check on everything daily while being away. Finally it meant that I came back to bookings made by her during my absence. Julia is worth her weight in gold and I will be surely using her services in the future! Thank you!"

Ania Pankiewicz

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