Introducing Julia Page - at the Heart of AdminAnywhere


AdminAnywhere is owned and operated by Julia Page; Virtual PA and Business Support Administrator.

Offering a professional, friendly business Admin / virtual assistant support service to solo entrepreneurs, sole traders and small businesses locally in Bolton and Bury and around the North West and to Anywhere in the UK.

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So what makes me the VA for you?

I set up the business in 2012 after gathering over 30 years worth of admin expertise from a wide range of very busy office environments.

I've supported over 50 different small business in the last 9 years.  Several of those I am still working with.  Some need me on a regular weekly basis, whilst I'm on call to help when others need me too.  One ex-client went on to employ their own office staff and achieved massive growth in their business.  I've handled countless contact lists and inputted more business cards than I'd ever want to count, although since the introduction of GDPR, those tasks are few and far between now.  I've created and advertised numerous training course and event fliers and booked 1000s of delegates onto training courses and business networking events.  I've created inboxes full of newsletters, had fun making graphics for social media posts and hopefully avoided too many deaths by Powerpoint.  Oh, and I've also typed up and editted, a handwritten manuscript for a local writer that ended up over 70,000 words long. I do particularly enjoy creating spreadsheets and creating Mailchimp newsletters and invites.

Every day is different, and I thrive from the variety of work and businesses I support. 

The key to being a successful Virtual Assistant or Virtual PA is all about being flexible and approachable, and most importantly... being there when my clients need me. 

I can handle your administrative needs on a regular part time basis (anything from 1 hour per month upwards), or take control of those ad-hoc, one-off jobs when they arise.

So what's my background? 

I took voluntary redundancy from my last full time employment (with Lancashire County Council) in 2011, after 9 years managing and organising a very busy office that supported the business needs of over 30 professional education consultants; supporting the government's National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies.  Previously to that I was project administrator for a local college handling the admin for a European Social Funded training programme; before that I worked in the head offices for several retail and utility businesses since leaving school in 1982.

I’ve always had the initiative and drive to tackle whatever task landed in my in-tray and foresight to plan and prepare for what was due to arrive; often before my managers realised they needed it. I love being able to use my expertise and initiative to support my clients with AdminAnywhere and not being tied to those 'but we've always done it this way' senarios. I have the ability to think outside the box to develop better ways to get the job done, which will usually save you time and money in the long run.

I’ve gathered a vast amount of administrative experience in all those years and moved forward with the technological improvements too, enthusiastically adapting to better ways of working. I’m constantly discovering more software and tools, so the learning never stops. I have to say that even with the extensive administrative and technological developments I've learnt and adapted to throughout my career, I've learnt so much more since setting up AdminAnywhere too; helping me to expand my expertise and extend the admin services available to my AdminAnywhere clients.

Contact me to discuss your administrative and office needs

I charge my clients for the time it takes to complete their tasks at a rate that values the skills, knowledge and experience I have gained in my profession.