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I knew Eleanor during my employment at Lancashire County Council. Her main role as School SEN Adviser was supported by other admin staff, but she was often linked with Literacy and Numeracy projects handled in my admin team. Eleanor established her own independent teaching and learning consultancy at a similar time to me setting up AdminAnywhere.

The Task

I began to support Eleanor in the summer of 2013, as her business was starting to gather momentum and she planned further development to extend her training courses beyond the initial boundaries of Lancashire. So she needed someone to manage all the course administration. With my extensive background and knowledge of working with schools and experience in organising training courses, AdminAnywhere was the perfect solution for Eleanor's business.

Initially I set up a booking system, and created a contacts list for all the primary schools across Lancashire and Cumbria. Then I set about to design and create templates for the business documentation that she would need.

Eleanor didn't have a website at that stage, so I created one for her (I'm far from being a website designer and would not generally include that in the services I offer). What started as a small site to introduce her business has developed into a one-stop resource for the Special Educational Needs teachers she supports. Having full administrative rights and management of the site is a key to its success, keeping it accessible to maintain and update with all the regular new information that Eleanor wishes to share.

Ongoing Support

I continue to support Eleanor, creating all the documentation for each course, I despatch the fliers to advertise them and all the associated documentation and communication to see the courses from inception to delivery, and the invoicing that follows. I handle all the bookings and enquiries as they arrive each day, along with other admin support as required; often without input from Eleanor as I know the schedules and I know what needs doing. Eleanor trusts me to handle the work. It must appear like there is full time office support for her business, but Eleanor is only charged for the time I have spent on her work each month, which on average actually equates to approximately around 4-5 hours a week.

I also produce her newsletters and continue to develop and maintain her website, so Eleanor's time is freed from admin pressures so she can focus on the training, course development, one-to-one support she provides to some schools; and her writing too.

New Testimonial - October 2017

"AdminAnywhere has provided my PA support since 2014. In that time, Julia has taken over the sending and recording of invoices. She provides a clear spreadsheet for me that is updated regularly so I can keep track of all payments. Julia has created numerous documents for me including fliers and a newsletter that goes out several times a year. It has enabled me to provide my customers with a much better quality product than I could have possibly achieved on my own. I often send documents to Julia for ‘tidying up’ as I tend to bang out the content but am not so good at presentation!
Julia has created and revised my website, finding an unbelievably cost effective host. We are both really proud of the website as it has developed and improved with time. Have a look for yourself! Go to and you can also see the newsletter and fliers.
Julia deals with phone calls and emails for me but always forwards the ones to me that need my attention and she deals with them so I can get a real break when I go on holiday.
Julia and AdminAnywhere has enabled me to provide my customers with better information and resources whilst freeing me to do what I’m good at and freeing me from the things that I’m not so good at and would take a lot of precious time.
I am pleased to be able to recommend AdminAnywhere without reservation."

E Hick Inclusive Learning (Lancashire) Ltd

A teacher left this testimonial on a recent course evaluation: "Excellent admin service: reply straight away to queries" (AB, Sacred Heart Primary)